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  • The speed of spread on the web is fast.  The speed of spread on the social web is immediate.  It is impossible to ignore any comment, in any form, and expect it to be overlooked or forgotten.  It can too quickly go viral.  This speed is why companies engage in managing their online reputations.  The social web, and social media have an immense amount of power.  A social strategy, management, tracking, and analytics are the tactics that get integrated into your marketing plan to take the consumer to loyal customer and create an evangelist.   Online conversations in the social web are on our radar, and what impacts your company is most important.  There is a need to act quickly and nicely.  As an extension of your brand your customers need to be engaged with, and their issues need to be tended to.  We listen to them, and we give them what they are looking for.  We provide information and answers in your content, and we manage your social reputation.  We are all consumers, but it is the correct methods of social management that move consumers to customers, and customers to evangelists.

  • Millions of searches are performed every day to find the correct content on the Internet.  The goal is for users to find what they are looking for in your content.  Content creation is a matter of relevance, importance, popularity, trust, and authority. This will get your content read because they are the keys to ranking higher in SERPs and being seen. Your website needs to appear when your customers are looking for them. Your content and its correct creation is key to achieve this. Your market audience will use the words it knows to look for what you have to offer. It is your content and their needs that must come together. The keywords to target are of principle importance, and the content to target those key phrases will be the best way to obtain results. On the search engine side, for content to rank it must be relevant, important, popular, trustworthy and authoritative. On the consumer side, for content to convert it must be informative, engaging, and convincing. Creating and optimizing content for a search engine reflects a direct positive relationship with its users.

  • Your efforts need to be gauged to identify the keys to your success. To obtain the desired metrics we need to ask what in your strategy did that for you. To build on your success we first need to begin with the correct plan to follow. We need a strategy to take your marketing campaigns from consumer, to customer, to tribe. The creations of a plan of action that analyzes, targets, and again analyzes your desired market segments keep your investments secure and focused on your success. Every consumer travels a series of steps from what they see for the first time to what they purchase regularly. Strategizing and analyzing brings reason and logic to light, which aid in the correct way to reach those specific market segments and take consumers from customer to evangelist. They are the methods that are tried and true for understanding, planning, implementing, and measuring how everything comes together and works to create loyalty.