Right now, after all of the Google updates, and non-Google updates too, to get higher ranking in SERPs (search engine results pages) you need to share. You’re also going to become more relevant, not only to your readers and consumers in general, but to the search engines themselves. There is one truth that applies to all SEO, and that’s that the more you share the better results in your SEO and marketing you will get.

The Internet is reminiscent of a popularity contest. The more you share the more popular you will get, and being popular, and possibly the most popular is extremely important.

With popularity comes fame. People will know you, and the more people know, the more likely they are to like you.

Being liked is good for your brand. It helps create your brand. It also strengthens your brand, and helps spread your brand voice for all to hear. Consumers that hear your brand’s voice will look for you. They will start recognizing you and this all adds up at the bottom line. That’s very helpful, especially for startups with amazing products and services leading the way in a new, better world. Remember that all of the Likes, Retweets, and Shares can become currency.

Startups are working hard at getting in everyone’s minds. Sharing is the best way to get there. You need to show your presence. In the digital world we all want to be on tip of every finger linking to your site. Your site should be created with the consumer in mind. Think of their needs. What you share should make them want to go there. It should make them want to look around.

Not many people realize this, but please keep in mind that ranks and relevancy will improve because of fuzzy logic and how your content aligns with site and then your shares. Basically, your content needs to be the most probable answer to a search query. Conversational search aligns with how we ask search engines direct questions now. We are talking to them. That means the content on your site shouldn’t just be full of keywords. It should be answering questions. This will make your site more user-friendly. It will make it more consumer-centric. That will convert to more visits. That will make you more popular. And we go back to how that converts to currency for your brand. Startups need to keep this in mind when designing and developing their sites and creating their content. The same applies to apps that have minimalist sites, if at all, but want to come up in search results. Remember this, my Like on your Facebook page or my Retweet is going to increase the likelihood of you coming up higher in search engine ranks.

It’s actually a really simple strategy, and one startups need to be aware of. All brands need to be aware of it. Sharing is good for you. Keep your audience engaged. Keep them interested and going back to you as the expert they refer to the most. You want to become that one brand that gives them exactly what they are looking for. They will only realize this if you start sharing your site and your content. It will rank you higher, and in turn make you more relevant. Remember how everything on the Internet is connected. That applies to search engines and algorithms too.

So startups sometimes ask, where they start in marketing? Start by sharing!

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