Using storytelling in your marketing is the new and improved tactic to reach consumers. It’s great, but we need to be sure the storytelling keeps your marketing useful. They go hand in hand.

When you’re writing it’s great to be a storyteller. It’s a huge advantage to speak the consumer’s language. You relate things to yourself, to life, to them. This opens their eyes, keeps them seeing the bigger picture, and that helps you create an understanding where you both meet. The even greater advantage is telling a story that can be repeated. You can write about how thing can or should be. You can talk all about what they mean, too, but you need to tell stories about ideas that consumers can make sense of. If people can use your story, if they can apply it, then it’s a good story.

Your message needs to be understood. When people understand your message, they can start to use it. Being highly connected, and being social in today’s world, we use everything we get our hands on that’s worth it to us. You need to make your story worth it. If you’re writing content, of any kind, then you need readers to see how useful your thoughts and ideas are. Write for your audience. Write for consumers in general. Give them content that’s useful.

Content creation and sharing is not always about ideas. Sometimes people want something simple, and again useful, to follow. Sometimes they’re doing their own marketing ion some form, or you are, and the last thing they want is to read about thinking. They want to read, understand, and use. It’s a simple three-step process to getting what you’re sharing noticed. When you’re using storytelling, share instructions, clearly, about making things better and how to make things work.

Keeping it Effective

When we use the word effective, we refer to something that can be used and that gives results. You write content, and it’s about the same tactics that everyone else is writing about, and it may be boring to some readers. Think about how saturated the Internet is of that content. Do consumers really want to read more of it? Or see more of it? Or even listen to more of it?

No one wants to be overlooked, or have their content skipped.

If you keep your content effective, you’ll be able to differentiate from all that saturation. You’ll be giving consumers what they are looking for. If you’re connected to the Internet, then you’re looking for something. It doesn’t need to be an article. It can be a picture. It can be a video. It can be an audio. The Internet is the biggest library that has ever existed. Remember that and how useful people find it. Make sure that they find your content a useful part of it. It will help bring them back.

Keeping it Simple

Sometimes sharing content that some might consider “mundane” is a good thing. When it comes down to it’s purpose, it meats it. It gives readers what they are looking for, which makes it useful and effective. This starts to create an audience for you. You are being heard, and will start getting listened to. That will make you relevant. Being relevant goes hand in hand with being effective.

So tell a beautiful and relevant story.

Make sure your stories can be effective when they get applied by consumers.

Grab their attention, and keep it by making storytelling work well in your marketing. Your audience will listen to your story, and they’ll tart using it quickly. Their perspective may be different from yours, but you will be giving them proof that it works via your story. Let your story get copied. It will be a great compliment – guaranteed.

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