Learn About Our Company

LEMKTG.io is:

We are agile, social and digital designers.  We focus on human factors applying psychology and design principles to behavior, experience, and interaction design. Startup systems are important to us.  Lets succeed by creating experiences that provide efficient and effective solutions. We want to work with you from the beginning.

When we say Start-ups and Innovators we mean any new entrepreneur looking to increase their market share, learn how to build their products best, how to brand, how to create a mood for a lasting experience.

To us, Start-ups, Innovators, and Entrepreneurs include new technology companies, established technology companies doing things differently, Etsy shop artists creating and making their craft, self-published authors, and even ideas looking for a well-rounded method to implement solutions that will start penetrating or even creating a market of its own.

The hours are tedious. The changes are constant. The risks associated are usually higher than most firms are comfortable with. We understand their decisions, and respect them, but we do the opposite. We don’t turn these Changers down. These opportunities are exciting, and believe it’s the true nature behind all of the improvements we have been experiencing in every day life as we know it – globally.

The Beginnings of LEMKTG

LEMKTG began as kinkPOP – a one-woman endeavor in an Austin, Texas, apartment working long nights after daytime jobs at Dell, Apple, etc. kinkPOP scaled and a separate company was created that solely handled all marketing and branding for kinkPOP and immersed itself in anything and everything digital for other clients.

This was in 2007. Twitter had just appeared at SXSW, MySpace was still very popular, Mark Zuckerberg had a pretty famous interview with BusinessWeek at SXSW too, and a lot of the social media platforms we rarely hear about today or that are defunct by now were how we reached consumers at all times from the United States to the Philippines.

Everything we focused on was a huge risk. Very little people believed in social media and its possibilities. Twitter was not used to spread links. Social was about conversations and building relationships. We became experts at that and started transferring those skills elsewhere.

LEMKTG is our life today.

And so you see, risk, new innovations, and taking the road less traveled are not new to us. We embrace it. It has been said that nothing great has ever been widely accepted at its beginnings. The greater majority of human beings are not early adopters. We rely on what’s tried and true. What we sometimes fail to realize is that slowly but surely all of these new and outrageous innovations become our norms and we start depending on them.

We are interactive folk. We like to consider ourselves digital movers, digital players, and digital shakers. We’ve focused our efforts in helping brands take their product to market in the new economy because every start-up, and every innovation, deserves good work! They needs to implement the right solutions to keep it all relevant and be successful.

We’ve been through the startup process and understand the goals startups and innovators have. We understand the steps you need to take to get things going, and continue taking to grow. We want to work with you because we know the world is changing, we know society is changing, and we understand that innovation come from you.

“We firmly believe that innovation is not linear. Innovation is a universal endeavor.”

Founder & Head of New Things || Lillian Moya

We innovate and map solutions that help you use every tool at your disposal effectively and efficiently whether to create a new market or gain traction in an existing one. We illustrate your targets, relate your strengths, and implement the solutions that make all business efforts RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENTS. Our methods are based on merging consumer behaviors that stretch from logic to creative, pictures to numbers, and analytics and emotions. They get results that fit so you succeed.

“We embrace chaos here”

The Internet experience can be frustrating. We want to make it easy for our clients and even easier for theirs. Consumer behavior and all business is about what to share, what to sell, what to measure, what has meaning and when to do it all. This is where we differentiate our worth.

We care about our clients. We believe in them and where and how they can shine brightest. Every day the Internet takes more and more of our time and becomes a greater part of our lives. We use it and we want it. Right now marketing, branding, and advertising is about interaction and how close we can get to consumers to make them customers. Our solutions give consumers the happiness they look for IN YOUR BRANDS.

Everything is summed up into this: what we see matters, how we see it determines our actions, what we do, why we do it, and how we do it is the beginning of a lengthy relationship consumers choose. It’s our job to reach them in their language, to paint the picture of the brand they believe in, and to make them loyal evangelists.

In Today’s World:

  1. We all love to be connected.
  2. We all believe we need to be connected.
  3. Connections based on social media is where almost anyone can be reached.
  4. Digital footprints belong to all of us.
  5. Reaching consumers where they are will naturally increases your bottom line.
  6. Give consumers an amazing experience and they will become the best customers.